A tongue-in-cheek commercial created for Lazada (an ecommerce website) to showcase the extreme a person will go to make more space so that they can buy more things from Lazada.
As a creative developer I was heavily involved in the whole creative process, though I have no prior experience with creating a television commercial. I came up with the concept of the campaign and under the guidance of the Creative Director and fellow creatives, I was also involved in the storyboarding, scripting, filming, voice recording, online and offline editing processes.
Overall it is a very good experience, I’ve learnt and gain valuable experiences beyond my field (which is creative coding) and it helped me to grow as a creative.
Creative Director: Pann Lim
Director: Desmond Tan
Creatives: Chan Wai Hsuen, Gian Jonathan, Astri Williana Nursalim
Copywriter: Catherine Phua