Ever had your mobile phone ring incessantly in the middle of a movie? Disturbing you and everybody else? You don’t have to be a victim anymore. Decades of deep research have propelled the Sinetic Institute for Advanced Audiological Research to the farthest regions of science. Combining a profound mathematical algorithm based on hypersonic effects with his knowledge of mammalian transcendental abilities, the eminent Dr. Sine has harnessed the power of quantum nanotechnology to create the perfect cinema-safe ringtone that only you can hear. Allowing everyone to watch movies in total peace and quiet, the way it’s meant to be!
It defies everything you know about sound and yet it’s astonishingly easy to use. So don’t wait – download 
it right now.
Creative Director: Pann Lim
Creative Developer: Chan Wai Hsuen
Art Director: Gian Jonathan, Astri Williana Nursalim 
Copywriter: Eugene Tan